The Origin is the lost home planet of the Silivar. Very little is known about it, other than legends and old history.

History Edit

Unfortunately, much of the history of the planet has been lost to antiquity, and remains only as legend. Before their eventual demise, almost every Silivar civilization had a common legend about why the planet was lost. According to most varaitions, the Origin became corrupted with darkness, and was quickly becoming uninhabitable. The Moon Goddess Ari tells a Silivar Princess to take the core of the planet and save it from the shadows, taking it to a barren planet and splitting the core into six pieces, bringing life to that planet. Some variation say Ari herself did this, while others hold it was the Sun God Ianu, but most involve the Princess as the third party who actually took the core and split it.

Nobody knows what the core of the planet was, or is supposed to be. Some illustrations show it as a ball of light, while others show it as a crystal. Some believe it wasn't a physical object at all, but some sort of metaphysical force, although this brings up the question of how it could be moved or split. The answer may simply never be known, as there are too many conflicting sources and too much time between the supposed events and the present day.

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