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Silivar are small, bipedal alien creatures that have existed for longer than most planets have been inhabited. They have influenced almost every known civilization in some way. They have six ears, three tails, and two "wings" on their back. The average Silivar lifespan is 100 to 120 Earth years.

Alternate Names Edit

They are known by many other names, such as "Star Fliers" (unknown origin, literal translation of "Silivar") "Starfolk" (originated on Nimara) and "Star Faries" (originated on Riadi).

Physical Description Edit

Size Edit

Silivar are short compared to most races of the solar system, rarely growing taller than three feet. They have large heads and small hands compared to their body.

Fur and Coloration Edit

Silivar come in all colors of the rainbow, although some are rarer than others. They are almost always two colors; one color for their body and limbs, and another fur their ears, tails, and wings. Being entirely one color is a rare genetic trait, and is often called a "Monochrome Silivar."

The fact that they can be all kinds of crazy colors traces back to the advent of "Genetic Color Alteration," when some very clever Silivar scientist saw the market for fur dye, took the Silivar's advanced genetic technology, put two and two together, and marketed gene therapy to make your fur grow a different color. He then grew filthy stinking rich. So now practically any color you can think of is in the gene pool, "natural" or otherwise.

Metallic fur has always been in the gene pool, but is caused by a series of recessive traits, making it very rare and unable to be replicated for genetic color alteration. Gold is the rarest color, followed by silver, followed by bronze/copper. Because the sun god Ianu is always depicted with golden fur, and the moon goddess Ari is depicted with silver fur, it is considered good luck to have gold or silver fur. Metallic fur is exclusive to the ears, tails, and wings, unless the Silivar is both Monochrome AND Metallic, which is INCREDIBLY unlikely.

Silivar fur is usually short and fine, although some genetic morphs have long, shaggy, or curly fur. Most Silivar have a "poof" of fur on thier chest, with females generally having more poof than males.

Arms and Legs Edit

Silivar have two arms and two legs. Their arms end in human-like hands, with three fingers and a thumb, although they lack nails or claws. They are bipedal and digitigrade (they walk on their toes). Thier legs end in paws with three toes, with no visible paw pads. In reality the pads are there, but they're covered in fine fur that is the same color as the rest of their foot, so they appear to be invisible.

Eyes Edit

Their eyes are large and almond shaped, and come in a wide variety of colors, greens and blues being the most common. They have no discernable irises or pupils, and the whole eye looks more like a drop of water or gemstone. The color in thier eyes is reflective and apparently textured, and seems to be on the back of the eye, homologous to the retina in human eyes. This creates an almost glittery appearance, making an individual's definitive eye color difficult to pin down.

Ears Edit

Silivar have six ears, three on each side of their head. They come in many different shapes and lengths, although long, straight-out almond shape is the most common. Some Silivar's ears are so curled that it has negative effects on their hearing.

Wings Edit


Silivar have two "wings" on their backs, which allow them to defy gravity through unknown means. Male and female Silivar can be told apart by the direction thier wings curve in; male wings curve up, while female wings curve down.

Gender Differences Edit

Silivar come in two sexes, male and female. Externally, they look very similar; while males tend to be a bit more stocky than females, they are overall a very androgenous race. The only easy way to tell them apart is by the curve of their wings.

Senses Edit

Vision Edit

Silivar are able to see the normal/human color spectrum, but are able to differentiate colors easier than humans. However, they take longer to adjust to dim lighting.

Hearing Edit

Silivar have six ears, and as such are very sensitive to sound. They are able to pinpoint the origin of a sound quite easily, which makes it very hard to sneak up on them. It also means that when a Silivar wishes to be quiet, it is very quiet indeed. They dislike loud sounds, and sudden or unexpected sounds often trigger a fight-or-flight response. Some Silivar are able to overcome this through exposure, but the Silivar are generally a quiet race.

Smell Edit

Silivar do not have very good noses. They aren't able to smell things much better than a human.

Taste Edit

As a rule, Silivar do not like sour foods. The reason for this is unknown, the most likely theory being that as they evolved, sour things were poisonous.

Telepathy Edit

Silivar speak through telepathy, and don't even have vocal cords. While they can't read minds, and can only "broadcast," they are very perceptive to the presence of those around them, able to sense people coming and going. Telepathy has a range of 30 to 40 feet, depending on the individual, and is hampered by obstacles or walls.

Photosensitivity Edit

Silivar skin is actually slightly photosensitive, or sensitive to light, allowing them to "feel" different kinds/colors of light on their fur.

Abilities Edit

Silivar use their minds to manipulate energy, the same energy that facilitates magic. The extent of what they can do with this energy depends on the individual. Like magic, this energy is able to be channeled through objects such as weapons. A Silivar isn't able to use more advanced forms of energy manipulation until around age 10.

Telekinesis Edit

All Silivar are able, from a very young age, to manipulate objects with their mind. The smaller the object is, the easier it is to manipulate. Familiar objects, or objects that they use/handle often, are also easier to manipulate. This is handy for getting things off of tall shelves.

Flight and Space Travel Edit

Silivar are able to fly/defy gravity at will. This is also handy for getting things off of tall shelves. They are able to go quite fast, and can withstand G-forces high above what a human could withstand. Using a large ammount of magic/energy, they are able to create a protective sheild around themselves, enabling them to fly in the vacuum of space. This sheild also protects them from harmful radiation and space debris up to a certain size, but can only be maintained for an hour or two, depending on the individual. Silivar are able to jump into hyperspace while flying in space, allowing them to travel between inhabited planets within that timeframe. (Hyper-jumping in an atmosphere is NOT reccomended, particularly those with high oxygen levels, as it can cause explosions.)

History Edit

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Culture Edit

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