The desert planet of Riadi is in the same solar system as Nimara, and is the home planet of the Riadons. While not uninhabitable by other races, the planet is much warmer and dryer than Nimara, and is also a tiny bit bigger, resulting in slightly higher gravity. While it's not enough to cause major problems, it can take off-worlders time to adjust to it, making a visit all the more uncomfortable for non-natives. However, its richness in magical crystals makes it a common trade destination.

Magic Edit

Magic on Riadi utilizes crystals dug up from deep underground. Depending on the type of crystal, when raw magic energy is applied to it, various effects occur. Crystals can be used together to achieve an even wider variety of effects. Some crystals grow incredibly quickly, leading to crystal farms growing and selling them to magic users, while others can take centuries. Often, the strength of the spell is proportionate to the size of the crystal used.

Consumption Magic Edit

Spells that consume crystals are often called Consuption Spells. These spells are easier to use, but are limited by the number of crystals the user has. A common Consumption Magic is the creation and use of potions; ground/disolved crystals are mixed with water and other ingredients (mostly other flavors), then stored for later use. When someone is ready to use it, they "activate" it by applying a small ammount of raw magic, and then drink it. Advanced potions may come pre-activated. Some potion brewers have discovered how to turn potions into hard candies, which take longer to take affect but don't have the risk of spilling.

Amplification Magic Edit

Spells that do not consume the crystals, but use the crystal as a filter or lense to direct, amplify, and shape the spell, are called Amplification Spells. Amplification crystals are much rarer than consumption crystals, and take much longer to form. A large amplification crystal, especilly one of a rare variety, can be sold for a fortune. Amplification crystals are often embedded into weapons, armors, or tools, giving them magical effects very similar to enchantments on Nimara.

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