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Nimara is one of the planets in the as-yet-unnamed solar system that makes up most of the Nimaraverse. It is roughly the same size as earth, and very similar in climate, making it very habitable. While many of the civilizations are modern to advanced, as much as 50% of the planet remains unexplored/uncharted, thanks to much more constrictive geological formations.

Inhabitants Edit

Nimara is a bit unusual because unlike most other planets, it has four native sapient species, as opposed to one or two. Thanks to its positioning in the solar system, it has become a central hub of interstellar trade, and many more species now have prominent, established settlements on the planet.

Native Races Edit





Non-Native Races Edit




Magic Edit

Magic on Nimara is categorized into six main elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, and Dark. Spells consist of one or more element used in conjuction to achieve the desired effect. Magic can be channeled "straight," using nothing other than the user's body, or through rods or wands. Mages are not restricted to one type of magic, but may have more success using one form over others.

Elemental Magic Edit

Water Magic Edit

Water magic is any magic that uses water or ice. It can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, and is some of the easiest magic to control, but has the downside of needing an available water source to be used effectively. Mages who specialize in elemental water magic are largely known as Hydromancers or Aquamancers. Those who predominantly use ice magics are called Cryomancers.

Fire Magic Edit

Fire magic is any magic that uses fire. While having very few defensive purposes, it can be used to devestating effect as an offensive force. Raw fire magic has historically been extremely difficult to control, resulting in most fire magics to be utilized as enchantments instead. Mages who specialize in fire magic are rare, and are known as Pyromancers.

Earth Magic Edit

Earth magic is any magic that utilizes stone, soil, or plants. It has few offensive aplications, but has great defensive and healing properties, and can be used anywhere there's rocks (i.e. everywhere). Most mages who learn earth magic are Healers, but those who use it for other purposes are called Terramancers.

Air Magic Edit

Air magic can be split into two subgroups: wind and electricity. While wind magic is easier to control than fire magic, lightning magic poses similar risks, and takes skill to use without endangering the user or innocent bystanders. Air magic is mostly used as an offensive force, but electric fields have proven to be formidable barriers, providing a defense-via-offense. Air mages are known as either Aeromancers or Teslamancers, depending on which category they specialize in.

Light Magic Edit

Light magic is one of the most difficult type of magic to learn, but can be used for offense, defense, and healing, making it the most versatile element. Light magic is almost never channeled straight, and very few are able to use it without a rod, wand, or weapon to channel it through. Light magic users who mainly use magic are called Lumimancers, while those who use it in conjunction with weapons are often called Paladins.

Dark Magic Edit

Dark magic utilizes shadows and raising the dead. It is one of the most difficult types to learn, and has a very strong negative social stigma attatched to it. Those who can solidify and use shadows are called Shadowmancers, while those who specialize in dealing with the undead are called Necromancers. While dark magic can be used for defensive or offensive purposes, it has historically been used almost exclusively for destruction, leading it to be shunned. Shadowmancy may be more socially acceptable in certain parts of the world, having no connection with death, but Necromancy is usually learned and taught in secret.

Mixed Elements and Other Forms of Magic Edit

Golemancy Edit

Golemancers are mages who combine the reanimating properties of Necromancy with Terramancy, creating animated constructs to do their bidding. While stronger than most shufflers, they take more energy to create and keep animated. Golems are typically crude, made out of earth, stone, or clay, and often raised on the spot, but more advanced golems may be specially crafted from metal or other materials.

Technomancy Edit

To those who know the difference, there are two kinds of Technomancers: False Technomancers and True Technomancers.

False Technomancers are individuals who use or create enchanted or magic-infused technology. Often they are unable to use magic themselves, and rely on their equipment instead. Technomancers are becoming more common as magic technology advances.

True Technomancers are some of the rarest mages in the world, and are able to use magic to control technology, regardless of whether or not it is enchanted. The origin of True Technomancy is disputed, but most historians point towards the lost city of Skylara as its birthplace.

Religion and Deities Edit

Nimara has historically had six prominent deities, one for each of the elements. While commonly referred to as gods, the proper term for them is "High Elemental", the word "god" implying that they are all-powerful and all-knowing, which they aren't. While historically they were worshipped, and many users of magic are still strong believers, modern-day worship has dwindled significantly. This has less to do with mortals drawing away from religion, and more to do with the High Elemental's agreement to meddle less in mortal affairs after some wars and other unfortunate events were caused some centuries ago. With less involvement came less recognition, and now they are mostly considered legends and myths by the majority of the population. This hasn't affected their power in any way, as their source of power is tied to the planet itself, not the people who live on it. They are also openly accepting of mortal worship of other deities, given that those deities are not trying to overthrow them.

High Elementals Edit

Lucent is the Lord of Light and Life.

Hyetal is the Lady of Water, Magic, and Beauty.

Pyra is the Lady of Fire, Battle, and Loyalty.

Terra is the Lady of Earth, Healing, and Knowledge.

Aerion is the Lord of Air, Lightning, Music, and Loyalty.

Eidolon is the Lord of Darkness and Death.

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