Welcome to the Lunari WikiEdit

This is the wiki for the fictional world created by Audrey Morrell, a.k.a. Pogostix, often called "the Nimaraverse," "the Lunariverse," or occasionally "Fred." While it mainly focuses on the world of Nimara and the characters on it, there are many other planets and people of interest in the universe.

SPOILERS WILL BE MARKED AHEAD OF TIME WITH BOLD, CAPSLOCKED, UNDERLINED WARNINGS LIKE THIS SO YOU'LL KNOW THEY'RE COMING. That being said, I don't plan to publish any spoilers that I haven't already given away. - Pogo


There's a lot to type and only one person to type it, and that's not even getting into the subject of images. This means that most pages are going to be incomplete or missing altogether. Please be patient, I'll add to the wiki as I can :) - Pogo

Latest activityEdit

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