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Lythians are one of the four native races of Nimara, and one of the most common and widespread. They are pibedal, covered in fur, and almost always have stripes. While generally not gifted in magic, they have strange, impossible blades that rectract into the tips of thier long and powerful tails, meaning they are never unarmed. Thier average lifespan is equivalent to that of humans.

Alternate Names Edit

Lythians are sometimes knows as "Fire Folk" in some parts of Nimara.

Physical Description Edit

Size Edit

Lythians are the tallest race of Nimara, averaging around six or seven feet tall, although taller individuals are not uncommon.

Fur and Coloration Edit

Lythains are usually some shade of red, brown, or grey/black, with stripes that can either be lighter or darker than the base color. Some have lighter fur extending from their throats and down their bellies.

Albinism is more common in Lythains than in other species, resulting in pure white individuals with pink to red eyes and no stripes. While they sometimes have complications with getting sunburned easier, it generally has no other effects.

Their fur is generally short, and while all females are able to grow long hair on their heads, not all males are. Some males are able to grow a longer patch of fur on their chin, making something like a short beard or goatee.

Arms and Legs Edit

Lythians have two arms and two legs. Their arms end in human-like hands, with four fingers and a thumb, tipped with sharp claws, which gorw in as the Lythain matures. While not retractable, most adult Lythians are quite skilled at not hurting themselves or others on accident. Young Lythians do not have claws until they reach adolescence (and it's probably safer that way).

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